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Video Editing Work

Below you can see the various areas of expertise I have experience working in. From After Effects to Photoshop and video editing to brand strategy and development there's no shortage of skills I can offer.

YouTube & Twitter Video Editing

One of the tasks I would do for Emerome when working as her head editing was editing her YouTube videos. I would be responsible for going over all of the footage and cutting it down to the desired length, adding in fun edits to add humour and extra substance to the video, and on some occasions I would also be responsible for creating the thumbnails as well as uploading the video itself to YouTube and filling out all the description, metadata, tags, etc., so I’m very familiar with the entire YouTube process.


I am also a verified artist on GIPHY, which means I have the ability to upload GIFs and stickers to GIPHY, and they will be included in the GIPHY search engine (the largest GIF search engine in the world). When I was editing for Emerome, I wanted to find new ways to help her reach a larger audience, so I had the idea of creating GIFs and stickers so that they would be accessible for everyone to use on Twitter and Instagram (or anywhere where you can use GIFs and stickers). This was a huge success, as our GIFs gained over a combined 178 million views and uses. We even had some of our GIFs used in news articles that were being written during the pandemic.

TikTok Editing

During my time editing for Emerome I was also responsible for editing her TikToks. This process would involve me going through the VODs of her streams and finding moments that I believed would make good TikToks and then editing them in a funny way while also adding captions. Over time, my TikToks I edited for Emerome gained over 1.7 million views.


Photoshop Editing

In addition to making thumbnails while editing for Emerome, I would also create funny Photoshop edits of movie posters where I’d swap out the characters in the poster for her and her friends that would then be shared online.

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